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Alexis Johnson (@phoenicianrises) is a storyteller by trade. Though her particular passion is writing for film and television, she enjoys expressing herself through a variety of creative outlets. She currently resides in the desert land of Arizona with her husband Eric and two rascally kitties.

Contributor 2017 Top Ten| Alexis Johnson

January 10, 20180

This week at Reel World Theology we are featuring the top ten lists of contributors to the site. You can…

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Review| The Breadwinner

December 6, 20170

While Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remains my heroine of the year, The Breadwinner’s Parvana is a steadfast and intrepid contender.…

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Review| The Man Who Invented Christmas

November 30, 20170

A Christmas Carol. We all know the story as well as any age-old fairy tale. We’ve seen multiple film versions…

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Reviewing the Classics| The Adventures of Prince Achmed

November 8, 20172

In order to truly appreciate the beauty and wonder of Prince Achmed, we must acquaint ourselves with Lotte Reiniger—the woman…

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Reviewing the Classics| The Third Man

July 26, 20170

It’s always a good day when you can dig into Film Noir, and The Third Man is a prime example…

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Review| Wonder Woman – It’s Not About ‘Deserve’

June 5, 20172

  Like all my posts, I am going to dig into the film here, which means SPOILERS. If you haven’t…

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Review| Focusing on the Family in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

May 9, 20171

Guardians of the Galaxy quickly became my favorite Marvel movie, even though I initially had no idea what to make…

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Top 5 MST3K Episodes

April 11, 20170

Sometimes, movies are so bad that they are actually enjoyable. All you need is the right friends at your side…

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