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Streaming Weekly June 2017 4.0

June 23, 20170

We’ve passed the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. Enjoy these long days by being…

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Who·ology – S10E10 The Eaters of Light

June 22, 20170

So, that’s it. The Eaters of Light is the last episode of the Twelfth Doctor’s run that has a self-contained…

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Streaming Weekly June 2017 3.0

June 16, 20170

A new weekend, a fresh batch of brand new recommendations from our contributors. When you get tired of being outside,…

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Review| It Comes At Night

June 15, 20170

There is no way to spoil this film, because the film never reveals the “it” of its title. “It” is…

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Who·ology – S10E09 Empress of Mars

June 13, 20170

Put an ancient warrior race of crocodile-like beings on Mars with a Victorian-era army, a mummified queen about to wake,…

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Who·ology – S10E08 The Lie of the Land

June 6, 20170

Last season in the episode “Face the Raven” the Doctor encountered what was called a “misdirection circuit.” This was created…

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Streaming Weekly June 2017 1.0

June 2, 20170

You are in for a special treat this week. Our fearless leader decided to recommend the major May month-end releases on…

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Who·ology – S10E07 The Pyramid at the End of the World

May 31, 20170

Imagine a complete stranger walked up to you and asked “do you love me?” You’d probably quickly answer no and…

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