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Reviewing the Classics| Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

December 27, 20170

Eighty years ago this month, Walt Disney revolutionized the art of animation with the release of Snow White and the…

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Review| Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

December 26, 20170

There is no originality in Hollywood. This has been a central complain about the movie industry experience in this young…

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#156 – The Muppet Christmas Carol and a Fearful Conversion

December 25, 20170

On this SPECIAL Christmas episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: Merry Christmas from the Reel World Theology team to…

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Review| The Breadwinner

December 6, 20170

While Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remains my heroine of the year, The Breadwinner’s Parvana is a steadfast and intrepid contender.…

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Review| Wonderstruck

November 16, 20172

Adapted from Bryan Selznick’s New York Times bestselling novel, Todd Haynes’ (Carol, Far From Heaven) latest film Wonderstruck is an…

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#138 – Cars 3 and Relational Discipleship

June 30, 20170

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: We take a dive into the world of Cars, Pixar’s most…

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Who·ology – S10E11 World Enough and Time

June 28, 20171

  Had we but world enough and time, This coyness, lady, were no crime. We would sit down, and think…

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Streaming Weekly June 2017 4.0

June 23, 20170

We’ve passed the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. Enjoy these long days by being…

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