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Oh! The Horror… | of a Silent Scream

August 10, 20170

I was raised on a healthy diet of classic film and television growing up, everything from It Happened One Night to…

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Oh! The Horror… | of Double Features, Vol. II

July 27, 20170

I am so pleased this week to be collaborating, once again, with my good friend, Joseph Nooft, who is a…

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Oh! The Horror… | of Dissolution

July 13, 20170

Imagine for a second: an amorphous mass of gelatinous ooze engulfs a person and, just as they open their mouth…

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Oh! The Horror… | of 2040: The Year of the First Female Mechanic

June 22, 20170

The second episode of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace finds its comedic locus in the obliviousness to the privilege that men have…

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Review| It Comes At Night

June 15, 20170

There is no way to spoil this film, because the film never reveals the “it” of its title. “It” is…

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Oh! The Horror… | of Slaughtered and Transformed Masculinity

June 8, 20170

Clearly Rambo (I refer to the general type) has his secure place in popular cinema. That place is not horror,…

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Oh! The Horror… | of Displacing God

May 25, 20170

James Whale brought to the screen what is considered the most dynamic film in the first cycle of Universal monster…

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Oh! The Horror… | of Listening to Other People

May 11, 20170

There have a been a couple of moments in my life where I have truly been frightened by an event…

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