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Oscar 2017 Pool– with Prizes!

February 23, 20170

The Oscars are just around the corner and the Reel World Theology team would love to have a picks pool…

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Three Reasons to Go See ‘Warcraft’

June 9, 20161

Tomorrow (or technically tonight), Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment’s most successful property), the latest movie to be brought to the big screen…

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Why Zemo is the Best Villain in the MCU

June 3, 20160

I want to talk for a minute about the main villain in Captain America: Civil War. Zemo. I’ve read very…

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‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Teaser Trailer Reaction

April 7, 20160

Alright, everyone. It’s the harried, overly excited reaction to the new Rogue One teaser you have all been waiting for. Josh…

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2016 Oscar Results

February 29, 20160

The 2016 Academy Awards have come and gone and the results are in. There were not a great deal of…

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Five Thoughts on Seeing ‘Deadpool’

February 15, 20169

If you haven’t heard, there is a little, unknown movie that came out this past weekend called Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds…

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Top 5 Oscar 2016 Nomination Snubs

January 14, 20167

Award season is in full swing and there are few days that could make or break a movie’s continued legacy…

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RWT Fantasy Movie League

August 25, 20150

Howdy- I just wanted to let everyone know about the Reel World Theology, Fantasy Movie League (FML). If you’re not…

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