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Review| I’ll Push You

January 19, 20180

A month ago we featured Hunter Van Wagenen’s interview with the stars and a director of this film. Today, we’re happy…

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Review| Molly’s Game

January 8, 20180

I wanted to love this movie. I really did. I put it on my list of most anticipated movies of…

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Review| Dead Poets Society

December 29, 20170

Do you remember the good old days back when Robin Williams was still around? Many of his movies are remembered…

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Review| Downsizing

December 28, 20170

Reactions to Downsizing from critics and audiences have been mixed with scores ranging from 25 to 100. Be that as…

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Review| Bright

December 27, 20170

In a little under 20 years, Netflix has finally entered the realm of distributing original blockbuster films with their first…

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Review| Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

December 26, 20170

There is no originality in Hollywood. This has been a central complain about the movie industry experience in this young…

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Review| The Last Jedi

December 15, 20174

After an opening space battle sequence, The Last Jedi begins where The Force Awakens concluded on the planet of Ahch-To with Rey holding…

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Review| Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri & the Backroads to Justice

December 7, 20172

Three monuments stand erect in a staggered row along a road that gets little traffic in the town of Ebbing,…

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