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Reviewing the Classics| Terje Vigen (A Man There Was)

April 6, 20170

You will no doubt hear the names Carl Theodor Dreyer and Ingmar Bergman in any and every conversation about iconic…

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Reviewing The Classics| 12 Angry Men

March 8, 20171

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the 1957 film 12 Angry Men, and it is as relevant and captivating…

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Reviewing the Classics | The Innocents (1961) and the Madness of the Past

February 22, 20170

Henry James’ 1898 novella, “The Turn of the Screw,” is either the greatest ghost story ever written or it is…

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Reviewing the Classics| Stalag 17

February 8, 20170

From the time World War II began to today’s best picture nominee Hacksaw Ridge, there have been many, many great…

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Reviewing the Classics| Scrooge

December 28, 20160

Charles Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol is well nigh inescapable during this time of year. Even without reading the book…

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Reviewing the Classics| Citizen Kane

December 14, 20160

Orson Welles’ mythic masterpiece about an American tycoon’s rise and fall feels remarkably relevant for America in 2016. Despite only…

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Reviewing the Classics| Singin’ In The Rain

December 8, 20161

Considered by many to be the greatest film musical of all time, Singing in the Rain is also one of…

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Reviewing the Classics| Andrei Rublev

November 9, 20160

What do we think about when we engage art? When we gaze at a painting, do we appreciate it for…

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