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Stranger Things: S01E08 The Upside Down

August 18, 20160

Well, we made it. Whew! That was a crazy ride. In just eight episodes we’ve been through a lot with…

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Stranger Things: S01E07 The Bathtub

August 15, 20160

Dr. Brenner and crew are closing in on our boy wonders and Eleven, our intrepid superhero. The opening scene shows…

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Stranger Things: S01E06 The Monster

August 11, 20160

Imagine you got sucked into a portal that took you to a dark, parallel world where you were chased by…

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Stranger Things: S01E05 The Flea and The Acrobat

August 8, 20160

What does it take to clarify the central conceit of a science fiction series? When a humble science teacher, Mr.…

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Stranger Things: S01E04 The Body

August 4, 20160

A vast expanse of stars is the first image we see after the harrowing conclusion of episode three, in which…

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Stranger Things: S01E03 Holly Jolly

August 1, 20160

Barb is dead. Long live Barb! Nancy gives in to Steve’s consistent pursuit of her after the pool party while…

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Stranger Things: S01E02 The Weirdo on Maple Street

July 28, 20160

Only two episodes into Stranger Things and there’s really only one question to ask: are you hooked yet? You are,…

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Stranger Things: S01E01 The Vanishing of Will Byers

July 25, 20160

By the time the mysterious, shaven-head girl, Eleven, emerges from the woods and meets our three intrepid boy wonders, we…

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