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Oh! The Horror… | of When God Moves Mysteriously at an Angle

April 27, 20170

This is the first article in a limited series on the cult British comedy, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. “Larry Renwick will…

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Frankly Faraci – The Piano Guys

April 14, 20170

Hans Christian Anderson, a man familiar with the power of storytelling in the written word, said of music, “where words…

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Who-ology| S03E03 Gridlock

April 12, 20170

This episode has long been one of my favorites, certainly of season 3, possibly of all Doctor Who. There are…

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‘Frankly Faraci’ Finds People of Faith Doing Amazing Things: An Interview With Host Matthew Faraci

April 11, 20171

Here at Reel World Theology, we’ve started to cross paths with a lot more creators in the entertainment business. Faithful…

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Top 5 MST3K Episodes

April 11, 20170

Sometimes, movies are so bad that they are actually enjoyable. All you need is the right friends at your side…

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The Walking Dead S7E16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

April 3, 20170

It took us 16 episodes to get from Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo all the way to a fight at the gates of Alexandria,…

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Star Wars Rebels S03E21 Zero Hour

March 30, 20170

Star Wars is a cinematic icon, but it is much more than its movies. Blaine and Josh dive deep into…

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Who-ology| S03E02 The Shakespeare Code

March 29, 20170

This episode is all about the power of words. And who better to feature in a language-focused story than the…

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