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The Walking Dead S8E08: How It’s Gotta Be

December 11, 20170

The very general but nearly always followed rule of thumb of this show is that the moment you see a…

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The Walking Dead S8E07: Time for After

December 4, 20170

Rick’s jaunt with the Scavengers continues this week as he tries to replace the numbers lost when the Kingdom was…

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The Walking Dead S8E06: The King, The Widow, and Rick

November 29, 20170

To say I’m cooling on this show right now would be fair description. It’s a strange feeling too, because even…

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Stranger Things: S02E09 – The Gate

November 28, 20170

Here’s something you’re probably not going to like: Stranger Things is going to be a lot different next season. Not…

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Stranger Things: S02E08 – The Mind Flayer

November 24, 20170

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Yes, episode seven felt a tad out of place, no…

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The Walking Dead S8E05: The Big Scary U

November 22, 20170

Despite the prolonged cliffhanger of Negan and Gabriel stuck in the trailer, last week saw what was, in my opinion,…

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Stranger Things: S02E07 – The Lost Sister

November 21, 20172

Now we’ve come to the episode you think you disliked most from Stranger Things 2. But you actually don’t dislike…

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Stranger Things: S02E06 The Spy

November 17, 20170

Mark hit the nail on the head Tuesday, with an all to common idea that we often forget: we want…

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