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Reel World Theology is not one voice, but many. While we pride ourselves on getting as many people involved in the conversation as possible, there are some folks who are uncontrollably passionate about film, stories, and entertainment. You will recognize them as regular contributors to both the podcast and the website. Please take time to check out their work and their other projects around the web!

Laura Fissel

LauraLaura Fissel hails from the mountains of North Carolina and is currently anchored in Greensboro, NC. A former English teacher, in 2011 she quit the biz to write full-time for a living. Well, maybe not for a living, but she does write, and finished her first full-length novel in 2013. Other than writing, she is passionate about her husband Mikey, Doctor Who, 24-7 Prayer, and facilitating creative recovery for local artists using the Artist’s Way. In her downtime, she is likely found behind a camera, cello, book, knitting needles, or the Reel World microphone. You can find her work at

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MarkMark Wingerter

Mark Wingerter is a writer and filmmaker from Greensboro, NC. He spends most of his free time with his family, talking about the Green Bay Packers, or discussing films on Reel World Theology… He is analytical, perhaps too much so, and therefore must share his opinion in a variety of creative outlets. He is very thankful for those who put up with it, most of all his wife, Sarah.

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Griffin Kale

GriffinGriffin Kale likes to say he’s from Charlotte, because few people know where Sherrills Ford is, but nowadays Griffin calls Greensboro home, and hopes to for many years to come. After graduating in May of 2013 from UNCG, he made the decision to take whatever work he could find in order to spend his nights and weekends pursuing a love of writing, both music, literature, and commentary on life via his aptly named website If he has a free night, he’s playing video games, or re-watching Veronica Mars before the movie comes out. When he doesn’t have free nights, he’s spending it with friends doing any number of things from watching sports, playing music, or going to Lost Ark. He also hosts a movie club, to which he would love to invite you. If you’d be interested in such things, email him at

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ap001A.P. Johnson

Alexis Johnson currently resides in the desert land of Arizona with her dear husband, Eric. She is a storyteller who believes in the power of parables to change the world. She spends every possible moment writing screenplays, on film sets, or analyzing film and television on her blog Reel Cathedral (

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The Film Avenger

fa001The Film Avenger is a mysterious masked movie fan and follower of Christ based in Southern California. When he’s not picking movies apart, he works in the entertainment industry. Powers include a background in film history, specifically animation, and writing. He resides in SoCal with his trusty sidekick– his lovely wife. Follow his blog at

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jr001JR Forasteros

JR Forasteros blogs at and cohosts several podcasts in the Norville Rogers Podcast Network, including the StoryMen and Don’t Split Up!, a horror film review podcast. He and his wife Amanda live in Dallas, TX, where he pastors Catalyst Community Church. Connect with him on Facebook of Twitter.

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Amber Kenneson

Pic-AmberAmber is an artist, cinephile, and self-professed nerd living and working in Los Angeles. After earning her MFA in Production Design from the AFI Conservatory, she shifted her creative focus from live action to animation. When she’s not drawing for an animated film or building sculptural installations for Anthropologie, she practices and teaches Muay Thai kickboxing. In her (small amount of) down time, she reads—a lot.

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Daniel Melvill Jones

Daniel Melvill Jones is spending his early 20s working for a technology company while he anxiously waits for the right time to return to school. (Trusting the Grand Weaver’s plan is hard but fruitful.) In the meantime he is serving his local church, reading an ever growing stack of volumes, and writing about life and creativity at

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