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Streaming Weekly July 2017 2.0

Happy Friday, everybody! While the weather outside is delightful, your streaming queue may look a little bit frightful. This weekend, we’re recommending two recent documentaries heavy on politics and controversy/tragedy. Because who doesn’t love that? Answer: No one, everyone loves it. Check them out and have a happy documentary watching weekend everyone!

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Get Me Roger Stone (Netflix) The election of Donald Trump was a definite surprise to many Americans, including some who were on his side during the campaign. But there was a man who apparently always knew Trump was going to be president: political hit-man Roger Stone. This interesting (and sometimes depressing) documentary is not just a biography of this infamous operative; it’s also a look at the dirty state of politics, and the road to Trump’s 2016 election win from Stone’s perspective. Stone himself is a strange figure. He is the consummate political dirty trickster, represents the worst of American politics…and seems to be okay with that. It’s a very honest (albeit one-sided) documentary, featuring some insightful interviews with many detractors of Stone’s, and a few allies – including President Trump himself.

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Oklahoma City (Netflix) – A PBS documentary originally airing in February of 2017, the documentary spends a little bit of time recalling the events of the domestic terror attack on the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City in 1995. However, most of the 102-minute documentary focuses on the sociological and political events of the time that influenced Timothy McVeigh to perpetrate this horrific attack. It covers the more well=known events, as well as lesser known events and people you might have only heard about if you were paying attention 20+ years ago. It’s terrifying to hear and see the bridge between the overt, racist politics of the first half of the twentieth century to the more fringe, dangerous, but equally violent elements of the second half and early 21st century. Unfortunately, there has never been a “good ol’ days” where the Alt-Right didn’t exist. The current iteration we see in politics today is merely a rebranding of the same elements that existed in the 80’s and 90’s and led to the Oklahoma City bombing. This documentary is both a fascinating history lesson and an effective primer on the current political climate.

Written by Joshua Crabb

Josh Crabb (@HeyItsThatJosh) is an editor, writer, and sometimes talker for Reel World Theology. He is also the co-host of a weekly Star Wars podcast, Home One Radio (@homeoneradio). When he’s not obsessing over movies or Star Wars, he is planting a church with Converge Great Lakes in Appleton, WI and spending time with his best friend and wife, Tina, and his 4 super awesome kids!