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#153 – Justice League and Fanlexia

December 1, 20170

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: Here it is folks. DC swinging for the fences with their…

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Streaming Weekly January 2017 1.0

January 6, 20170

Happy New Year everyone! Our first Streaming Weekly of 2017 is an exciting launching pad for the many great things…

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Review| Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

March 25, 20161

Author’s Note: Here are a couple of things to be aware of before you dive in. First, this is a…

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In Theaters March 25th, 2016

March 24, 20160

When there are two superheroes doing battle in a new movie, that means there are no other movies coming out…

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Review| Man of Steel

March 18, 20160

Man of Steel is the best Superman feature film ever attempted. Now before you jump down my throat, let me…

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Review| Superman Returns

March 17, 20162

I imagine that when people say “I’m going to watch Superman tonight!” they are never referring to Superman Returns (I…

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Review| Superman II

March 16, 20162

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, Superman held an odd corner of my heart hostage. I never got into Batman…

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Review| Superman

March 15, 20163

Even as a lifelong, avid fan of Superman and, therefore, an admittedly biased interpreter of all things related to the…

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