Monthly Archives: May 2015

Netflix Your Weekend | The Boxtrolls

May 29, 20150

When The Boxtrolls came out last September, my weekly movie theater preview was smothered in skepticism. Even the general movie-going public’s opinion…

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Review| Tomorrowland: Hope in the Future?

May 29, 20151

I had a lot of hope in Tomorrowland. It had a lot going for it. I enjoyed the possibility of the…

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In Theaters May 29th, 2015

May 28, 20150

Hard to believe May will have come and gone after this weekend. But fret not, intrepid movie viewer, the final…

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Re:View| The Princess Bride

May 27, 20150

“Who says life is fair? Where is that written?” –The Grandfather I am an escapist. You are too. But as…

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Top 5 Disaster Movies

May 26, 20151

At some point in your life, you develop an obsession with the end of the world. Stick with me on…

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Review| Pitch Perfect 2

May 25, 20150

The central plot is pretty straight forward. It is one of redemption: the Barden Bellas seek to clear their soiled…

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Netflix Your Weekend | Grizzly Man

May 22, 20153

Werner Herzog is most well-known for many for his matter-of-fact, bleak philosophizing on humanity (see his Twitter account for evidence)…

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#061 – Daredevil and the Netflix Difference

May 21, 20150

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: Can MARVEL find success on the small screen like it has…

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