Monthly Archives: August 2015

Netflix Your Weekend August 4.0

August 28, 20150

The final weekend of summer before school officially kicks off for most the United States. If you’re in the mood…

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In Theaters August 28th, 2015

August 27, 20150

The last week of August is suddenly upon us. You might already be hearing the school bells as teachers and…

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A Theology of the Force – Part 1

August 26, 20152

At some point in the life of a young Star Wars fan, there comes a moment when you hold out…

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RWT Fantasy Movie League

August 25, 20150

Howdy- I just wanted to let everyone know about the Reel World Theology, Fantasy Movie League (FML). If you’re not…

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Fizz’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Post-Summer Films

August 25, 20155

I often take the time to plan the Reel World Theology Podcast many, many months in advance. What this tends…

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Art & Indie Corner| Cop Car

August 24, 20150

Marvel recently tapped Jon Watts to direct their upcoming Spider-Man re-re-reboot, which begs an interesting question: How does a young…

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Netflix Your Weekend August 3.0

August 21, 20150

As the summer movie season moves toward a close, you might be looking for something to watch this weekend. Fine…

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#070 – Back to the Future and Relevance

August 20, 20151

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: It’s been right at 30 years since Marty, Doc, Biff, George,…

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