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GoT: S06E10 The Winds of Winter

June 29, 20160

So with an explosion of highly destructive, wild green fire, winter finally makes its entrance to the world of Westeros.…

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GoT: S06E09 Battle of the Bastards

June 21, 20162

Somewhere, Mick Jagger has changed his tune to sing “I actually got some satisfaction this time.” Assuming, of course, he…

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GoT: S06E08 No One

June 14, 20160

The very last scene in last week’s episode showed “The Hound,” Sandor Clegane, grabbing an axe and walking off to…

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GoT: S0607 The Broken Man

June 7, 20160

Mark is on assignment this week and this space is being temporarily filled by Mikey Fissel, managing editor at Reel…

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GoT: S06E06 Blood of My Blood

May 31, 20160

Allow me a brief moment of book-reader freak out here. I try not to approach this review series from the…

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GoT: S06E05 The Door

May 24, 20162

Here’s a question: do you believe things happen for a reason? It’s a big question to be sure, but I’m…

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GoT: S06E04 Book of the Stranger

May 17, 20160

To quote a friend of mine’s post on Facebook: “It took six years but Daenerys finally got interesting.” Okay, so…

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GoT: S06E03 Oathbreaker

May 11, 20160

He’s alive, he’s awake, and he’s… kinda mopey? Jon Snow is with us again, and to be honest it was…

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