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Game of Thrones S07E07 – The Dragon and The Wolf

August 29, 20170

Well, now we’re all feeling it. You know, that gaping hole of emptiness in your chest left after the season…

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Game of Thrones S07E06 – Beyond the Wall

August 21, 20170

You know, sometimes you can figure out what is going to happen on this show. Book reader or not, the…

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Game of Thrones S07E05 – Eastwatch

August 14, 20170

Hoo boy there’s a lot goin on this week, and I don’t just mean in our favorite fantasy land of…

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Game of Thrones: S07E04 – The Spoils of War

August 8, 20170

“You’ve just won the biggest prize in the world. What could you have to be upset about? – Bronn” Ah…

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Game of Thrones: S07E03 – The Queen’s Justice

August 1, 20170

When the summer heat cracks the 90s and the humidity wraps you up like a furry blanket of sweaty torment,…

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Game of Thrones: S07E02 Stormborn

July 25, 20170

Allow me to invite you into a moment. You have a Band-Aid stuck to your skin. And I mean it’s…

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Game of Thrones: S07E01 Dragonstone

July 18, 20170

After a few sips of the finest Arbor gold and a great deal of bodies hitting the floor, the opening…

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Game of Thrones: S06E10 The Winds of Winter

June 29, 20160

So with an explosion of highly destructive, wild green fire, winter finally makes its entrance to the world of Westeros.…

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