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The Walking Dead S8E08: How It’s Gotta Be

December 11, 20170

The very general but nearly always followed rule of thumb of this show is that the moment you see a…

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The Walking Dead S8E07: Time for After

December 4, 20170

Rick’s jaunt with the Scavengers continues this week as he tries to replace the numbers lost when the Kingdom was…

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The Walking Dead S8E06: The King, The Widow, and Rick

November 29, 20170

To say I’m cooling on this show right now would be fair description. It’s a strange feeling too, because even…

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The Walking Dead S8E05: The Big Scary U

November 22, 20170

Despite the prolonged cliffhanger of Negan and Gabriel stuck in the trailer, last week saw what was, in my opinion,…

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The Walking Dead S8E04: Some Guy

November 13, 20170

Now four episodes into the eighth season, The Walking Dead has finally struck a terrific combination of action, suspense, and…

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The Walking Dead S8E03: Monsters

November 6, 20171

With Monsters, season 8 returns to a theme explored in seasons 5 and 6 with some regularity; is Rick (and…

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The Walking Dead S8E02: The Damned

October 30, 20170

When a fan as big as myself cannot get motivated to write much of anything about an episode it’s either…

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The Walking Dead S8E01: Mercy

October 23, 20174

Throughout last night’s season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead we were given peaks into the Talking Dead setup at…

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