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The Walking Dead S7E16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

April 3, 20170

It took us 16 episodes to get from Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo all the way to a fight at the gates of Alexandria,…

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The Walking Dead S7E15: Something They Need

March 27, 20170

As was alluded to about three episodes ago, Tara finally breaks her promise and tells Rick of the existence of…

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The Walking Dead S7E14: The Other Side

March 20, 20170

The Other Side is an episode about preparation leading to reconciliation. As the events of the last couple of episodes transpired,…

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The Walking Dead S7E13: Bury Me Here

March 13, 20171

A lot of episodes focusing on one specific character are hit or miss. But with Morgan-centric episodes such as season 3’s Clear…

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The Walking Dead S7E12: Say Yes

March 6, 20170

The prospect of romance has been a novel idea ever since Negan came into the lives of our survivors. Glenn…

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The Walking Dead S7E11: Hostiles and Calamities

February 27, 20170

And the Oscar for most pathetic looking scared-face on a television drama goes to… Josh McDermitt, as Eugene! While the Oscars…

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The Walking Dead S7E10: New Best Friends

February 20, 20178

I spoke last week of the somewhat fragile state of The Walking Dead right now. Despite still having monster ratings,…

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The Walking Dead S7E09: Rock in the Road

February 13, 20170

The Walking Dead has an image problem. The first half of season 7 saw the biggest ratings drop the show…

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