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Who-ology| S03E03 Gridlock

April 12, 20170

This episode has long been one of my favorites, certainly of season 3, possibly of all Doctor Who. There are…

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Who-ology| S03E02 The Shakespeare Code

March 29, 20170

This episode is all about the power of words. And who better to feature in a language-focused story than the…

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Who-ology| S03E01 Smith and Jones

November 16, 20160

  In this second episode of the new season, the Doctor finds himself in a hospital that is displaced to the moon by…

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Who-ology| S03E00 The Runaway Bride

September 21, 20160

“The Runaway Bride”—a Christmas episode—follows immediately on the heels of the season 2 finale: just after losing Rose, the Doctor…

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Who-ology| S02E13 Doomsday

August 17, 20160

As noted in last month’s Who-ology, the Christian narrative starts with the distortion of truth in the Garden of Eden:…

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Who-ology| S02E12 Army of Ghosts

July 20, 20160

“Army of Ghosts” is part one of the two-part story that is the finale of season two. At its beginning,…

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Who-ology| S02E11 Fear Her

June 15, 20160

If there’s anything the Doctor believes in, it’s companionship. Even when he finds himself without a semi-permanent traveling buddy, he is making…

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Who-ology| S02E10 Love and Monsters

May 18, 20160

Meet Elton Pope. He’s the normal bloke that our story focuses on in this unusual but heartfelt episode. Quirky, shy,…

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