Who Is Iron Man?

May 14, 20130

Iron Man 3 Directed By Shane Black Rated PG-13 Tony Stark: “Nothing’s been the same since New York. You experience things, and then…

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April 30, 20130

Oblivion Directed By Joseph Kosinski Rated PG-13 Victoria: “Two more weeks, Jack. Then we can finally leave and join the others. Don’t take…

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Agents of Humanity

April 9, 20133

It seems that anything Joss Whedon touches these days turns to gold (or something even more valuable). This makes it…

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How to Train Community

March 26, 20130

How to Train Your Dragon Directed By Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders Rated PG Hiccup: This is Berk. It snows nine…

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A Good Day to Dad Hard

March 12, 20130

A Good Day to Die Hard Directed By John Moore Rated R John McClane: You got a plan? Jack McClane:…

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Faith, Hope, Pi

February 26, 20130

The Life of Pi Directed By Ang Lee Rated PG Writer: So far we have an Indian boy named after a…

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Top Movies of 2012

February 11, 20130

Here is a humble list of my favorite films* from the 2012 movie year. It is a little self-indulgent as…

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into the REEL World…

February 5, 20130

After spending my entire life, to this point, enjoying movies with little thought of what those films were ingraining in…

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