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#162 – Jumanji and Rock Solid Reboots

February 20, 20180

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: Sure, it’s not winning any Oscars, but Jumanji: Welcome to the…

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#156 – The Muppet Christmas Carol and a Fearful Conversion

December 25, 20170

On this SPECIAL Christmas episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast: Merry Christmas from the Reel World Theology team to…

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Stranger Things: S02E09 – The Gate

November 28, 20170

Here’s something you’re probably not going to like: Stranger Things is going to be a lot different next season. Not…

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Stranger Things: S02E07 – The Lost Sister

November 21, 20172

Now we’ve come to the episode you think you disliked most from Stranger Things 2. But you actually don’t dislike…

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Stranger Things: S02E05 Dig Dug

November 14, 20170

There are many things Stranger Things 2 did so well this year. In particular, the season is full of some…

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Stranger Things: S02E03 The Pollywog

November 7, 20170

There’s a moment in this episode where Will Byers walks into school after being dropped off by Bob, and it…

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Stranger Things: S02E01 MadMax

October 31, 20170

Welcome back boys and girls of all ages, to the land of supernatural other worlds, sinister mad scientists, and the…

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The Tapestry of Star Trek: TNG Part 4

September 28, 20174

Series Overview:  Thirty years ago, Star Trek: The Next Generation embarked on a journey that would solidify the popularity of…

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